I am an amateur photographer and physician based in Athens, Greece, not necessarily in that order.

I like to capture landscapes from my travels in Greece and abroad but my latest passions are diving and underwater photography.  I have ample opportunity to visit beautiful locations in Greek seas.

Despite threats by human activity, the Mediterranean is still one of the most beautiful locations in the world with great diversity. You’ll rarely meet a shark, but you’ll be thrilled by the endless variety of colors and shapes of the local microcosm. The crystal clear water and year-round mild temperatures make my job easier.

My friend Sofia Fokas encouraged and prompted me to share my photos. This work would not be possible without the continuous support of my buddy diver and cinematographer, Stelios Papazoglou, and photographer, Helen Sotiriadis.

This portfolio is a work in progress.


George Papandreou 50

Nea Erythrea 146 71


Email: igiatras@gmail.com

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